Jewish Federation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee

2018 Global Day of Jewish Learning



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The event will take place at

Village Real Estate

2206 21st Ave S

Nashville, TN 37212


9:30 Doors open/Registration


10:30 Kickoff/Opening session


11:30 Breakout Sessions - please choose which session you wish to attend when prompted. Descriptions are below.


1. Topic: Bridging the Generational Exile

Description: Do GenX/Millennials reject all forms of institutional Judaism? Do Baby Boomers think that all the Jewish organizations they've built will fall apart? Join us for open, honest, respectful dialogue on the different approaches to Judaism between and amongst the generations.



2. Topic: Is Nashville's Growth Creating a Jewish Geographical Divide?

Description: As Nashville grows and housing prices increase, newcomers to Nashville, and first-time homebuyers, are finding themselves 30 minutes or more away from the town's Jewish institutions. The response has primarily been to create smaller, less formal, local groups unaffiliated with a congregation or a cause. Will this lead to a splintering of the community, or a strengthening of it? Learn the motivations of the newest groups and explore ways to keep our far-flung community connected.


3. Topic: Ambassador of Exiles: Representing Jews to non-Jews

Description: What it is like to represent an entire community of exile to someone who has never seen or met these people before? How do you represent such a diverse complicated culture in 5 sentences that will most likely create the foundation of this individuals understanding of your culture?


4. Topic: Exile from Within: The Cost of Being Jewish

Description: Sometimes it feels like Judaism is pricing people out of participating in it. Some examples include Kashrut, the cost of weddings, of a Mohel for a Brit and Jewish education.


5. Topic: Consequences of Exile, Approaches to Immigration

Goal: Understand how exiles view themselves within the context of the diaspora and what immigration means to Jewish exiles? is it different or the same as other cultures?


6. Topic: Looking at the bright side, the upside of exile

Description: While exile is considered a trauma and usually viewed through a negative lens there is more to it than that. It has defined our culture and set us apart for many years. It has forced us to be much more adaptable and resilient than many other cultures which it can be argued is one of the reasons that Judaism has remained while so many other cultures declined.


1:00 pm Lunch and Closing session

Time: 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM
2206 21st Ave S
Nashville, TN 37212
United States

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